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Look What the Doctor Dragged In

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QueenFred said...
  • interested
According to the Moff's recent press release, the Doctor's next companion will be Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles. She'll be meeting the Doctor for the first time during the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special.
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A 88 years old High Entia Princess ... it will raise the mean age of the Doctor's companions ^_^
Does it mean the Tardis machine will appear in Alcamoth ? :)
Oh, yeah. I should probably say I'm talking about Jenna-Louise Coleman. I'm not good at this news stuff.
Yes sweet indeed !
I did not know Jenna-Louise was melia's voice... but it's ok, it made me imagine an incredible Doctor Who Adenture in Alcamoth ^_^
I heard rumours that she was an alien that looked human or whatever.

Still interesting though I haven't had time lately to watch much Doctor Who, really need to catch back up >_>
You have plenty of time. Her first episode will be the 2012 Christmas Special.
I want more Doctor Who and I want it now!
I also want Xenoblade Chronicles for the PC.
@LordXenophon yeah but I'll actually have to go hunting for it and I am REALLY lazy >_<
All right here on Amazon.com:
@PriestessRiva Australian, downloading speeds suck and it would take a while to get it here anyway and I'm pretty busy.
If you order the DVD's, they might be there before Christmas. Assuming the ship doesn't stop over at Skull Island on the way, of course.
ahah. hAHAH. HAHAHA...ahah....ah.....ehhhh....


*pounces a cricket*
Why don't you pounce on someone your own size?
*Pounces Xenophon*

*Slides off*

You're too big...

Did you just call Xeno fat?
...is some drama building up there ? ^_^
I'd almost say "get the popcorn ready" but I don't know how Xeno is gonna react.

If I was him, I'd go for a jugular attack and just be done with her.
He's a tiger and I'm just a little Neko. It's a big mismatch.

Two cats enter, one cat leaves!
Two cats enter, one cat leaves!
Two cats enter, one cat leaves!!!

*pounces a leaf*
*barks at leaf"
Be excellent to each other.

@Svoboda You don't look Japanese.... Ar you a hairless Siamese?
Really? A cat fight?



*runs off*
@TamaraLane, No, I'm not Siamese or Japanese.
I am a Russian Platinum if you please.
I am a Russian Platinum if you don't please.
*takes pictures of Mishy as he flees*
@Mishy Well, I'm here now, so you'd better be careful. Instead of getting a picture of a cat fight, you might get one of a big hairy elephant.
You should have said "tall," Svo.
Interesting song, BTW.
*takes pictures of the hairy elephant*
@PriestessRiva Why are you doing that?
My guess is because she wants to post the pictures on Facebook.
Because he can't be there. Because he's in a glacier, in a coma.
@WILDMAMMOTH Because it'll last longer.
@Wastelander-75 POINT TAKEN.
Oh, settle down and have some fish fingers. ( and custard)
Mmmm... fish...
Do fish have fingers?
@LordXenophon not in the way we know it
It's a big universe. Everything happens somewhere.
@Svoboda I thought a neko was a Japanese cat? *munches on a fish finger*
In Second Life, all cat people are Nekos, regardless of national origin.
@Svoboda Is a Russian Platinum related to a Russian Blue?
Russian Blues are furrier and they're a different color. Both cats and both from Russia, but that's about it.
From Russia with love?
@Svoboda Do you have a pic of one? A quick web search didn't come up with anything.
I'm sure she made it up for her persona.
@QueenFred I was thinking the same thing when I did the search! I had never heard of a Russian Platinum...
You really thought you'd find something on Google about a breed of bipedal cats who look almost Human?
@Svoboda So, just look at your avi! Hey, I don't know everything =P How where these cats created? Cloning gone wrong? Freak accident with the transporter? "Dammit Chekov, one more mistake like that and I'm sending you back to the Monkees!"
Nekos and other animal people have always been there. Most people just don't notice them, except Shintoists.
Which is, of course, why everyone thinks all animal people are from Japan. That's where all the Shintoists are.
Most of them, anyway.
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